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ICYMI: Server Status information can be found at

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@Admin I'm glad you asked. Black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted from shelters due to a combination of historical superstitious associations and a widespread aesthetic preference for cats with brightly-colored and/or patterned fur.

Folks on Nofftopia can now have a dot in their username 😎

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Time to get back into nofftopia.

Finally got my Fortnite invite code!!

“You’re the one with the retarded dad” 😂😂

Donald Trump Jr.-Vanessa Trump divorce rumors - Business Insider -

Sorry “George”, but Nofftopia doesn’t sell out or approve of ads...

Nofftopia’s main server is running the MineCraft server, Caddy Web Server, MySQL, Docker, Mastodon, and Plex Server.

Second server is just running TeamSpeak

Not sure what else to run off my secondary server. The processor isn’t so great:

2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
8GB of RAM
NVIDA GeForce 320M 256MB

Any thoughts?

Been on hold with IT for over 40 minutes now... Put in a work order a month ago to get a phone line activated and it has yet to happen... Typical gov’t “work”... 😑😑😤

I hate typing up BH notes 😖

Today’s intake went well - now to type up the note 🙃

Short day at work today - gotta see a doc about getting a vasectomy 🤪😅

I’ve offloaded some of the work from the main Nofftopia server. Our TeamSpeak server is now running off the secondary Nofftopia server. This is a backend change only - y’all shouldn’t notice any differences 🤓

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#Mastodon v2.3.1 is out! 🎉

- Bug fixes
- Button to open all CWs in a thread
- New cute default avatar

We are now running version 2.3.1!

All theses updates, I love it! We’re now running 2.3.1rc2!