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ICYMI: Server Status information can be found at

Don't install iOS 13.0 today, wait the extra five days until 13.1. By all accounts, .1 is much more stable.

Update on Mast: a very small update will be coming sometime soon to give it better compliance with iOS 13 and change its name to ‘Mast Legacy’ (open to better suggestions if anyone has any). And I’ll start work on Mast 2 which will be a complete rewrite with a focus on iOS 13 and some cool new things with an all new design.

@fuzavue Local timeline still isn’t working in browser, but it works in apps. Ill work on it some more tonight

DP cable acquired! VGA cable was crapping our, and who uses VGA anymore??

Watching The OA for the second time - such a great show!

basically the same thing I got now just one more WATCHed level

Possibly offensive question 

I wish Mastodon had a drunk mode that automatically deleted your toots after 10 minutes. #mastodev

So much lightning for the PNW, reminds me of the mid west

Lana Del Ray’s new album is soooo god damn good!

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