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Curious about server downtime or scheduled maintenance? Check out

Can’t wait to be done with work and streaming! 🙂

MadameNof’s (@SeaHam ) schedule for this week and next week has been posted @ which includes streaming Wednesday-Friday! Be there or be square.

@dominatus hey there! 👋🏼 I’d hate to silence your instance, but I can’t have these (although sexy) images showing up on the federated timeline on my instance without CW. Is there anyway you could enforce CW for sexual content? I’d appreciate it, thanks!

Happy Sunday Masto-World! 🥰 My streaming schedule has been updated - check my website or twitch page for details! Hope to see you soon!

Covid times have been the ultimate hurry up and wait that we’ve all been training for

Less than an hour until the next edition of The Night Stream with Madame Nof!

No spoilers (because we haven’t beaten the game yet) - Who would win in a fight? @SeaHam

Almost an hour until @SeaHam streams The Night Stream (TNS) - PS5 edition. Tonight she’ll be playing Don’t Starve together. Checkout her website, and stream at at 9.45pm PT. See you there!

Happy thanksgiving all! Join me on my thanksgiving stream at 8pm pst! 😀

About 35 minutes till the wonderful MadameNof @SeaHam goes live on Twitch. This time, first play through of Dragon Age: Inquisition

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