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Okay - All of my "Mastofix" shell scripts have been turned off - Lets see if Nofftopia can now last over night, or if I'll wake up to a crashed server 😬

P.S. Thanks again to @quincunx for everything!

@quincunx You wanna VNC in or use TeamViewer and have a look around 🙃🤓

@quincunx I'm using Caddy, and the error logs for Caddy just state that there's been a 502 error at x page

@quincunx I didn't notice any errors what so ever with Docker-compose logs :-/

@quincunx you're right, it's just me shutting it down - no errors within the console rings

@quincunx im not even sure what to do after I shell into the container 😬 I did find the console ring files though and found the times when it crashed

@quincunx wow! This is all above me haha - TeamViewer 🙃

@quincunx Not at all, I dedicated 16GB of ram to Docker, and its not even using a quarter of that

@quincunx So, for example - docker exec 88529a76ad27 bash

@quincunx Yeah, I'm using Docker for macOS

@quincunx I'm using macOS, will this make a difference?

@quincunx I'm guessing this was meant for me? Do I just run this as is?

@quincunx I'm not sure the best way to describe it, so here I do..

It appears that after WebSocket it's used often, let's say after sending out 30+ push notifications, or if the server has been running for 2-3 hours, my Instance starts displaying a 502 error. Doing Docker-compose stop or Docker-compose down then doing the up command doesn't fix the issue. The only fix I've found is to completely close Docker and reopen it, which fixes the issue for another couple hours

@djsundog we'll play it by ear 👂😊

What are some ways / commands I can use to track down an issue with Docker, besides Docker-compose logs?