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Nofftopia is now running v1.4.7!

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Someone didn’t have their Ovaltine this morning...

I got GBA4iOS working again! Works on iOS 7 and up, including iOS 11! No need for the “date trick” either. If you’re interested in a GameBoy emulator for iOS - let me know 🤓

Our DoD network just went down - cant even access - like, the entire network, just not internet access... Could this be related to the new ransomeware?

@Elizafox Not even sure what this means.... 🤔

@Elizafox Thank you Ms. Eliza - or should I say.... Wicked Bitch of the West!

@Elizafox Wow! Are you serious - so I should probably be running more than 1? Lol

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MastoAdmins - How many Sidekiq(s) do you have running?

@xj9 Are you telling people to shoot up heroin 😱

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@RunningInCircles Yeah - I think only musicians use it lol

@eurasierboy Thanks John - I believe in you! Not sure how willing y’all are in sharing trade secrets, but maybe @tootleapp can let you know how they did it?

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