Check out “Space Force” on Netflix

I can’t wait for this

Honestly, this is what I always pictured. Sorry folks 😅😅

This rad coffee cup with our cat that my sweetie @SeaHam got me ♥️

A 40$ settlement check for my personal information being stolen kinda feels like a joke :-/

@JPEG not sure how to get the scheduled toots to work. It seems like it posted right away. Also, the date is kinda confusing for us American folks. I understand that it’s written in the UK standard, but some folks might not get that.

This is a scheduled Toot - testing out ‘s new scheduled toot feature. Thanks @JPEG !

Upgraded to Premium Class for free on this flight. My second free Bloody Mary 😜

One of my favorite photos of me from my trip 😅😅 Show more

Are they trying to say they don’t allow shirts or pants?

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