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Listening to Without Me (feat. Juice WRLD), by Halsey 🎵

LOVE this song!

US government is open again.. for 3 weeks....... 😑😑

“Don’t worry, you’ll get back pay”

My new glasses are ready to be picked up 😊

Does anyone have Civ 6 for the Switch? I’m curious to whether or not you can do local multiplayer with 1 switch?

My Instant Pot is my new best friend! Has made dinners super quick and easy

With Mastodon being updated to 2.7.0, this is the perfect time to test our by @JPEG it supports the newly added scheduled toots!

Thank you for your continued development of @JPEG

Honestly, this is what I always pictured. Sorry folks 😅😅

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@JPEG Got a new bug for you on iPad. While in the federated timeline, if I post a toot, after it’s posted, it automatically takes me to the home timeline

“I know you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me” @SeaHam ♥️

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The West Coast is the best coast!