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Listening to Styrofoam Plates, by Death Cab for Cutie 🎵

Some of the posts on here are just so good

@Admin @dwj1389 Indeed. At least we will always remember the great times we had with the legend himself.

@Admin I remember one time an admin spawned an ender dragon and killed it in my city, I never found out who it was

@Crunchy Fun fact, I run my mastodon instance off the same computer that use to run the Nofftopia MC server 🤓

I wonder what my old nofftopia friends are up to these days, I've spoken to a few of them last year, but most of them have just disappeared

@Crunchy @JPEG is super nice! If you have any requests or want to thank him, just send him a message 😊

Rewatching The Leftovers on HBO. I forgot how good it was!

iOS 12.2 beta 6 should drop today at the top of the hour!

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The West Coast is the best coast!