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@Admin I made honored Neckster today by making him the main NPC in a bar I made

@Admin Could you try connecting to my FTP and uploading Terranova?

Okay I finally finished building this after a day and a half of hard work, my new tower space house thing is complete

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There will be some downtime on Saturday, March 30th, as we are switching ISPs

@Admin @dwj1389 Was bored and needed to pass the time, made this shrine or whatever it is for you guys while playing around with some plugins

@dwj1389 I noticed a lot in mage's world edits there was really green grass, any idea on how he did that?

@Admin I wonder how mage did all of his WE tricks, I've never figured them all out to this day

I might shut down my club penguin remake, effort and money put in, no reward comes out

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A buddy of mine is selling his AirPods for $125. Anyone interested? Located in the South Sound (PNW)

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The West Coast is the best coast!