@jzzocc hey there! Loving the app so far 😊 I have a few suggestions (if you’re open to them). I was also wondering if you have a TestFlight version available?

@jzzocc thanks! 🤓

Do you prefer feedback from the beta via TestFlight, or on mastodon?

@OccultistWarlock it’s easier for me to track on TestFlight though either is fine

@jzzocc of course 😊 everyone has different preferences, which is why I thought I’d ask 🤓

I do have a few suggestions, based on the hour I’ve had the app so far.

1. I noticed when I attempt to paste something in the text box, you can not double tap just anywhere in the blank space, it has to be directly at the |, or before it. It would be nice if I was able to just double tap anywhere to have to option to paste.


2. It would be nice to long press on the app from the Home Screen to start a new toot

3. Any support planned for tvOS? It would be neat to have a (or all 3) live streaming timeline that I could run off an Apple TV. Would be fun to see live streaming posts for events, such as and what not

@OccultistWarlock 1 and 2 are good feedback and noted, no immediate plans for 3 since there are a lot of other things to focus on

@jzzocc no worries, it’s always a no unless you ask, right? 😂 thanks for all your hard work on this! It’s very promising and has already become my primary app for mastodon

@jzzocc I’m not sure why there isn’t already an app out for this yet, especially with API being published, but if you’re bored and want to be the first to market… could really benefit from an app 🤓

@OccultistWarlock At the moment I really only have the bandwidth for Mastodon, but it’s something I’m considering in the long term

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