@dansup @pixelfed @PixelFed @Warlock I did, I ran it twice just to be sure and it gave me an error saying it’s already been ran

@pixelfed My Pixelfed instance doesn't federate.

In .env it is set

## ActivityPub Federation

When I search for an remote account I get:

An error occured, results could not be loaded.
Please try again later.

@pixelfed @Hiker I have this same exact issue. I’ve ran that command as well. Didn’t help - any advice?

@pixelfed @PixelFed @Warlock hello there 👋🏼 I got a instance up and running last night, but I get can’t get it to federate. Do you know what I did wrong?


Can I please get someone smarter than me to help me debug an issue with - I just created my own pixelfed on using . It started successfully but I get the following error with debug mode turned on.

could not find driver (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from "statuses" where "statuses"."deleted_at" is null)

Debug more is currently on, if checking that would help. The site is pixel.noff.co

Thanks again!

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