@SassyStussy can I ask how you found Nofftopia and why you created decided to use us 🤓 I’m just curious about your experience. Does it run well from where you live?

@Warlock back then I tried several instance but couldn’t get any register email. I guess I just picked Nofftopia because I like “topia”hhh😆 so far it runs well

@SassyStussy well I’m glad you’re here 🤓🤓🥰 I hope all is well with you


@Warlock thanks a lot!! I’m glad I found this instance😆

@SassyStussy it’s been running since 2016, currently running of an M1 Mac mini 🤓

@SassyStussy I run a few other sites as well, you can see them all at nofftopia.com (if you’re interested)

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