I probably have every single mastodon app for iOS installed, and while there could be a few tweaks made to MetaText, it is by far my favorite mastodon client

@Warlock I know this is old lol, I’ve only used Toot, and it hasn’t connected to your server for the longest time for whatever reason, randomly checked it today and boom it’s working lol

@Warlock Been alright man, just surviving lol, how are you guys?

@dwj1389 not so bad - @SeaHam is on her starting her second year on her MSW, and I start classes in 2 weeks to work on becoming a licensed massage therapist😊

@Warlock @SeaHam that’s awesome! I finally got offered a fulltime position today, been contracting for awhile now. I also started a podcast on twitch with a dude that’s been streaming for awhile now, we talk about retro gaming and stuff. I do that every Tuesday night.

@SeaHam @dwj1389 that’s dope! Still for that hospital?

What’s the podcast? :noffgnome:

@Warlock @SeaHam It is a hospital, I started contracting at in February.

Podcast is on

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