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I can’t believe this instance has been running for 5 or 6 years now 😮

What’s everyone up to on this fine Tuesday night?

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I ran out of salsa for my lunch burrito, so I just slathered it with the ghost and scotch bonnet pepper sauce that @jim bought me.

Finally got PixelNoff back up and running again. That was a stupid error on my end

Haven’t ran into any issues with iOS 15, or any of the betas so far 🤓

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iCloud+ comes with a VPN now, more or less. Also obfuscated email addresses so you don't have to give out your real one. #wwdc

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Ooh, on-device voice recognition for Siri! You can do stuff without a network connection now, and it's fast. Yes. #wwdc

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Finally, native app development on an iPad! #wwdc

I'm gonna use the heck out of that.

I’m hoping for more new features for the M1 iPad Pro

Warlock boosted has been legitimately really good for a while now. This is way nicer. #wwdc

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