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Anyone out there excited for season 3 of tonight? Waited 2 years!

Looking to commission graphic designer to help me with a logo, any takers out there?

Looking for some

Not sure what I’m doing wrong while making a sticker pack

I am using Xcode 13, I went through the steps to create a sticker pack, added 2 images, and when I try to run in sim, or on my iPhone, I get the following error:

“StickerPackExtension[29072:5749461] [PPT] Error creating the CFMessagePort needed to communicate with PPT.”

I can’t seem to figure out what im doing wrong.

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LIfe Pro Tip to avoid spear phishing:
Do minimal work so you are not a target for phishing.

If one yiks at a yak, does the yak yik back?

You can now set posts to automatically delete after a specified time! To set this up, go to Preferences -> “Automated Post Deletion”

The proper way to fuck Covid… 

Is to make sure you always wear protection

Doing lines of dust and sweat off last night's stage, Just to feel like you

If you were a burrito, what would you want inside you.

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