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Testing out Fosscord - (an open sourced, decentralized discord clone)

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CHVRCHES, "He Said She Said" from the album "He Said She Said - Single". #nowplaying #fediplay

Chvrches sounds like the prom band in a John Hughes movie, in the best possible way.

This just in - @SeaHam will be doing The Night Stream on Thursday, 11 Nov 21 @ 7.30PT. Game of the night: Skyrim, the Special, remastered, anniversary edition: Now with fishing!

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Quick #Tor fix for #macOS users:

If you have troubles with the interface in the latest update just DELETE the Tor Browser .app, redownload and 'install' 🎉

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Anyone out there excited for season 3 of tonight? Waited 2 years!

Looking to commission graphic designer to help me with a logo, any takers out there?

Looking for some

Not sure what I’m doing wrong while making a sticker pack

I am using Xcode 13, I went through the steps to create a sticker pack, added 2 images, and when I try to run in sim, or on my iPhone, I get the following error:

“StickerPackExtension[29072:5749461] [PPT] Error creating the CFMessagePort needed to communicate with PPT.”

I can’t seem to figure out what im doing wrong.

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LIfe Pro Tip to avoid spear phishing:
Do minimal work so you are not a target for phishing.

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