@Admin also, was just thinking about it, we are lucky the second portal spawned where it did, it could have spawned anywhere in the nether lol

@Admin 😂 I was wondering, but I didn’t question it lol

@Crunchy yup, was gonna say, just try changing the biome

@Crunchy hmmm probably a special type of grass, I use to look up the ID’s all the time and experimented with different types of blocks.

@Admin @Crunchy yea I taught everyone everything they knew about WE

@Crunchy @Admin we all left lol, he was the longest on the server

@Crunchy @Admin dude I use to ban Zed all the time, and mute him, he was so annoying sometimes lol

@Admin I do? I see my photo, is it showing nothing for you?

@Admin @Admin only 60 to preorder, unless your doing digital delux

@Admin yea, can’t miss out on the exclusives for PS4 lol

@Admin I preordered, closed beta starts today if you preordered

@Admin it sucks bro, you have to work all summer to get food, this is a pretty good post about it,

@Admin @jordobutt Jordo probably has the same prob I was and doesn't even realize lol

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