Since I can’t find anyone else talking about it on the interwebs, gonna test to see If Maps works inside malls yet with @SeaHam

With over with, and new betas out, it’s time to play my favorite game. Bug or Feature

In iOS 11 beta 1, when you have a picture in full screen, you can no longer swipe out of it, you have to tap “Done” - Bug or Feature?

You all discuss #WWDC just as much as that bird website we all came to escape.

I tooted a lot of posts today because of #WWDC.

Just wait for #E3.

@MightyPork it was announced at

Monument Valley 2 by ustwo Games Ltd

okay that's done, time for lunch, I'm starving :V #WWDC

That's it folks! No iPhone 8! Guess I will have the newest iPhone for a little longer! #WWDC

No iPhone 8 announced? Wait... what? #WWDC

Hmmm, the speaker seems to be focused more on music than smart assistant stuff. :-/ #WWDC

Show us the 'smart' things about this speaker! #WWDC

Okay, it has a different name, but its basically some kind of Siri speaker. #WWDC

Siri Speaker announced! I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT!!! YEEEEEEEES! I TOLD YA! #WWDC